About Clutch

Clutch was founded in the basketball gyms of Pittsburgh by Frank Smith. Frank spent his youth in love with the game of basketball and the culture it breathes. Always creating artwork of his favorite NBA Players, Frank imagined a brand that could that captured his world and promoted a "hustle on and off the court" mentality.

In highschool, you could catch Frank selling his apparel out of his locker between periods. Clutch is bigger than Basketball. To truly be clutch, you have to do more than hit a jumper as the buzzer sounds. You have to compete off the hardwood, and strive towards your goals and ambitions. 



Why Buy Clutch?

  • Quality GUARANTEE - We guarantee that all our apparel is made with care. Our shirts and hats are made of soft 100% ringspun combed cotton.
  • Trusted by hoopers across the globe, striving to reach their goals.
  • Building Basketball - Clutch has plans to rebuild basketball courts across America. Nothing is more depressing than passing by a hoop with no rim. At Clutch we encourage everybody to give back to the game of basketball.